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Insurance for Workers Comp

Worker’s compensation insurance is required for businesses in all states except Texas, although parameters vary per state. Generally, this coverage is mandatory for businesses with more than a determined number of W-2 employees, ranging from one to five depending on state. Worker’s comp insures your employees against financial loss if they become injured on the job, and in the event of a tragedy, compensates their families if an incident on the job results in their death.

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In exchange for worker’s compensation benefits, employees and their families waive their right to sue an employer for a job-related injury or fatality. Worker’s compensation protects your business from the legal complications and costs of a lawsuit if an accident occurs, and it also provides security for your employees that their needs will be fairly met.

Penalties for non-compliance may vary by state, but can be severe. To get a quote and purchase a worker’s compensation policy, contact Edge Insurance today.

A worker’s compensation insurance policy has the following provisions:

  • Medical care, covering the cost of medical attention required if an employee becomes injured on the job.
  • Lost wage compensation, reimbursing the employee for a portion of the wages they cannot earn while away from work recovering from a job-related injury.


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