Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is a supplementary form of liability protection for professionals who provide advice or other consulting services. Professional exposures are excluded on general liability policies which this coverage is so important for consulting-type exposures of a business.

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Depending on your line of work, the name and specifications of your professional liability policy may vary. For example, medical professionals such as doctors, physicians or surgeons may purchase malpractice insurance, while those providing legal, financial or contract-based services may carry errors and omissions insurance (aka E&O Insurance). Regardless of what it is called, this type of insurance is a risk management plan that protects you against liability for claims other than bodily injury or property damage.

A financial loss to a customer or client is possible, even if unlikely, in many types of advice and service oriented business transactions. Protect your small business or practice from the costs associated with a liability claim that extends beyond the provisions of your general liability policy. Contact Edge Insurance to get a quote on professional indemnity insurance with the right coverage for your line of work.

A professional indemnity policy may provide coverage against these claims:

  • Inaccurate advice, if an action you advised a client to take resulted in financial or other loss. This coverage is particularly important in industries such as stock brokerage, accounting and legal services.
  • Negligence, should you be accused of carelessness in your practice that caused harm other than bodily injury or property damage, such as the onset of illness or economic costs.
  • Misrepresentation, if you are accused of misrepresenting yourself or your product/service by word or conduct.
  • Violation of good faith, in the event a client or customer accuses you of unfairness, dishonesty or lack of openness. Legally, good faith is your obligation to fulfill your end of a contract honestly and fairly so the other party can receive its full delivery.


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