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Liability insurance is the most important baseline of insurance coverage every business should carry. It protects your business from the costs associated with a client, customer or other third party claiming that you or your employees caused  injury or property damage. A general liability policy can provide for payment of legal fees, settlements or other costs for which you may be held liable if you are at fault for an accident, injury or accusation of negligence.

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General liability policies typically also cover legal costs associated with shielding your business from such claims, such as defending the company in lawsuits, paying settlement bonds or making payments as determined by judgement of an appeal procedure.

Don’t take any chances with the finances of your small business. It’s impossible to predict accidents or unexpected emergencies no matter how careful you are, and the costs associated with liability can be tremendous. Edge Insurance can help you determine the liability coverage your business needs and connect you with a claims advocate. Contact us today for your customized quote.

General liability insurance protects your business from costs resulting from these claims:

  • Bodily injury and property damage, which is the standard for all categories of liability policy. If a person or their property is harmed because of your business actions you can be found at fault and this protects you from the cost of legal responsibility.
  • Medical Payments provides coverage that reimburses others for medical expenses whether the business is negligent or not
  • Personal or Advertising Injury and Defamation, if your business or one of its employees is accused of written libel or spoken slander against a third party. It is important to note that in order to receive this coverage, you must prove that the defamatory statement was made inadvertently or unknowingly. If so, it provides for legal expenses in handling the lawsuit brought against the business.


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