Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance for Cyber Liability

Your business may collect or store confidential information about employees, customers or clients. Whether that information is protected electronically on computers or secured servers, or stored on paper documents, your business may be held liable if an unauthorized party gains access. To protect yourself from financial consequence, you may want to purchase a special liability insurance policy for data security.

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Confidential information you store may include credit card information, health information, social security numbers and other personally identifiable sensitive data. A data breach policy offers cyber liability coverage, which protects you from costs incurred if that information is stolen from or mistakenly released by your company in a data compromise event.

If your employees or customers entrust you with their personal, protected information, you can be held liable in the event that information is released without permission. Whether a loss is caused by a simple mistake, a security breach by a hacker or another incident, you may be held responsible. Protect yourself from financial costs and damage to the reputation of your business with a cyber liability insurance plan. Contact Edge Insurance for a personalized quote for your small business.

In addition to providing financial coverage against legal costs and other expenses, cyber liability or data breach insurance gives your small business these advantages if a data loss occurs:

  • Access to services that help prevent data breaches, such as network security, employee training, privacy policies and other security measures.
  • Assistance with response preparation, which may include managing your company’s assets and creating a plan to implement if a data breach occurs.
  • Fast response to security risks, which is vital to ensure the negative impact of a data loss is minimal. An insurance policy can provide you with access to experts in breach response who can help you address any legal regulations or requirements you must fulfill to avoid further consequences.


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