Insurance For Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides coverage for the physical property and structures in which a business operates, as well as the business personal property within. These policies are typically highly customizable depending on the type of business being covered and its relative risks, but are important in protecting your small business from costs incurred in the event of a disaster or incident that interrupts normal operations.

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If you own the building in which you run your business, or you own the equipment used by the business such as its furnishings, machinery, electronics or inventory, a commercial property insurance can save you from the costs of rebuilding the structure or replacing those items.

By purchasing a commercial property insurance policy, you can protect your small business from the financial impact of an unexpected emergency. Contact Edge Insurance to determine the coverage you need and get your customized commercial insurance quote.

There are two basic types of commercial property insurance:

  • All-risk, which covers a wide range of general risks an average small business faces related to loss or damage of company property, including severe weather, civil disobedience and vandalism.
  • Peril-specific, which can be customized to provide coverage for businesses with particularly high risk for specific events such as fire, flooding or crime. This type of policy may also include business interruption or loss of earning coverage, which reimburses you for lost earnings if your business is forced to temporarily close.


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