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Insurance for Business Vehicles

Unlike personal auto insurance, a commercial auto policy covers vehicles owned by a business and operated by its employees. These policies insure company-owned cars, trucks and other automobiles, shielding the company from losses due to collision or other damage. If an accident occurs in a company-owned vehicle, a commercial auto policy reimburses your business for financial consequences.

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One important differentiation with a commercial auto policy is that it is only applicable to company-owned vehicles. If your company does not own vehicles but your employees drive their personal cars for business purposes, you should instead purchase a non-owned auto liability policy in case an uninsured or underinsured employee is involved in an accident while on company business.

While driving may be necessary in your business operations, you may face costly consequences in the event of an accident without the right insurance coverage. Edge Insurance can help you determine what kind of policy your business needs for complete coverage in business-related vehicle use. Contact our team today to get a quote!

A commercial auto insurance policy works essentially like a personal auto policy, with these standard provisions:

  • Liability, covering the company’s legal responsibility for bodily injury or property damage to other drivers and their vehicles or other property that may be involved in an accident, such as buildings or fences.
  • Physical damage coverage for the vehicle, which insures the company car, van or truck against damage or theft. This coverage is optional, but may be required by a lender if they are leased.
    • Collision coverage provides for repairs to the vehicle if the driver collides with another vehicle.
    • Comprehensive coverage protects the company against damage to the vehicle caused by an incident other than a collision, such as theft, vandalism, falling objects, natural disasters or contact with animals including deer.
  • Medical Payments Coverage, which pays for the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and other expenses incurred due to an auto accident in a company vehicle.


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