Builders Risk

Builders Risk Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance is an important policy type in the construction industry because it provides coverage for buildings under construction, as well as the materials used in the process. This type of policy protects against losses due to unforeseen circumstances that may otherwise halt the building process or lead to financial consequences.

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A builder’s risk policy should usually be purchased for the full amount of anticipated construction costs. However, these policies vary greatly between insurers so it is advisable to purchase the broadest policy coverage available and make sure you understand coverage exclusions. 

While a builder’s risk policy covers several things associated with “property in the course of construction”, there are a few types of exposures that are generally not covered on a builders risk policy including tools, flawed workmanship, employee theft, earthquakes and surface water run-off or flooding.

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Coverages often included with a Builder’s Risk policy

  • Buildings or Structures in the Course of Construction, generally also including on-premises materials, and fixtures. 
  • Scaffolding, Temporary Structures, Forms and Cribbing used to build or erect the structure.
  • Theft of Building Materials, protecting you from the cost of replacing stolen building materials. Some insurance providers may require your job site to be gated or secured in order to carry this type of coverage. Employee theft is not covered.


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