Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

Insurance for Auto Repair Shops

Garage insurance offers protection for auto repair shops, auto body shops and other facilities that service vehicles. Handling non-owned vehicles requires cautious risk management and the implementation of a response plan if an incident occurs. With a garage insurance policy, you can select coverage options for your shop’s operations and related risks.

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An auto repair shop insurance policy may include these coverages:

  • Garage Liability, which is arguably the most important insurance for your garage to carry, as it provides for costs related to injuries or accidents that happen in your shop as well as mistakes or faulty work completed by you or your employed technicians on a customer’s vehicle.
  • Garage Keepers coverage, which protects the vehicles of your clients while they’re in your care
  • Property, protecting you from the cost of repairing or replacing the tools, equipment, electronics and other assets vital to the operations of your shop in the event of damage or loss.
  • Worker’s Comp, which covers employee injuries while in the course of employment.


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