Auto Dealer Bonds

Add Credibility To Your Dealership

An auto dealer bond is a type of surety bond that regulates the auto sales industry by providing a financial guarantee for customers and stakeholders. These bonds exist to protect buyers, sellers, financial institutions and government agencies in the event that an auto dealer engages in unethical or illegal business practices, but they also benefit dealers by adding credibility to their dealership.

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If you are attempting to obtain a motor vehicle dealer’s license to open or operate a dealership, you will likely be required to provide this type of bond as proof of compliance with industry regulations. Depending on your surety company, it may be called a car dealer bond, a motor vehicle dealer bond, a DMV bond or another similar title.

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An Auto Dealer Bond Serves These Purposes:

  • Ensures your compliance with federal, state and local laws, taxes and guidelines specifically applicable to the motor vehicle sales industry.
  • Protects customers from financial loss or other consequences resulting from unethical or illegal action by the dealership or its employees.
  • Enhances the credibility of your dealership by providing customers with peace of mind knowing your establishment has been reviewed and deemed financially stable.


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