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Retail Insurance

As a small business owner with a retail store, you have invested in your business to provide a great shopping experience for your customers. Between maintaining your store location, setting up displays with equipment and fixtures and providing a selection of products and goods, the finances you have contributed to your business are likely significant. Protect your store and your finances from losses with a retail business insurance policy.

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Because of the significant assets you manage in your retail store, from high-dollar inventory to necessary equipment, a retail business policy is your best option for protecting your finances from potential loss. You can never predict when an accident or emergency may occur, but you can rest assured knowing you’ll be protected when it does. Contact Edge Insurance today to start customizing your retail policy and get a tailored quote.

A retail business insurance policy may include these coverages

  • Business property, which insures your store building and the contents inside, such as display fixtures, electronics and inventory, from damage or loss. The cost of repairing or replacing equipment and goods can be devastating to a small business without this coverage.
  • Liability, protecting you from legal costs if a customer suffers bodily injury or property damage on your store’s premises.
  • Business income, which compensates you for lost income if your store is being repaired or rebuilt or its contents are being replaced due to a covered event. It may also provide for the expenses of keeping the business operating during that time.
  • Business crime, protecting you in the event one of your employees steals money, inventory or other property from your store.


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