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Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Restaurant and bar owners are prone to industry-specific risks not accounted for in a typical general business insurance policy. A restaurant insurance policy includes the provisions of a general business policy and also protects against risks unique to the hospitality industry.

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There are many other coverages that should be considered for restaurants and bars including Loss of Income coverage, Employee Theft coverage, Employment Related Practices coverage and more.

Protect your investment and assets in your restaurant ir bar by carrying an insurance policy with provisions to cover any anticipated loss. Edge Insurance will work with you to determine your restaurant’s specific risks and how to protect you against them with a full coverage insurance plan.

Coverages for Restaurant & Bar Property Insurance 

  • Building coverage which compensates for damages sustained to the structure of your restaurant or bar. This coverage is typically not needed if you rent or lease your restaurant space, but is recommended if you own the building.
  • Tenants improvements & betterments, which covers fixtures, alterations, installations or additions made by a tenant that you acquired or made at your expense but cannot legally remove
  • Contents, covering personal property within your restaurant such as furniture, flooring, kitchen equipment, computers and more.
  • Equipment breakdown, protecting you from the cost of repairs for necessary appliances such as freezers, stoves, dishwashers or HVAC systems due to mechanical or electrical issues
  • Spoilage or food contamination coverage, compensating for losses in the event of a power outage or failure that results in spoiled food.

Coverages for Restaurant & Bar Liability Insurance 

  • General liability, which will include both operations and premises liability. For example, if a customer sustains an injury on your property due to negligence (e.g. a slippery floor) or actions by your staff, your policy provides coverage for medical costs and damages.
  • Product liability, which covers the food and drinks you serve at your restaurant as your products. If a customer gets sick due to food poisoning or other foodborne illnesses, and it can be proven that your restaurant was the source, you are covered in the event of a lawsuit for medical costs and damages.
  • Liquor liability, which protects restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages from financial losses related to the actions of a customer who became intoxicated under the service of the staff, including violence and property destruction.
  • Hired and non-owned vehicles liability, to cover employee errands or delivery service  but require employees to drive their personal vehicles rather than company-owned vehicles. If an employee is involved in an accident while driving for work, this provides coverage for the restaurant in a lawsuit.


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