Insurance For Manufacturers

Insurance for Manufacturers

Most businesses involved in manufacturing carry a business owner’s policy (BOP), which provides fundamental liability and property coverage. This is typically the most affordable way to protect the day-to-day operations of a business with insurance coverage. However, due to the complexity of some manufacturer’s operations, they may need a more custom insurance package than what a BOP can offer.

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Manufacturer insurance is vital for any business involved in the production of consumer goods. Whether your operation is just starting out and you need general liability insurance, or it has grown and your risks are greater, Edge Insurance will help you find a tailored policy that safeguards your manufacturing business.

Types of insurance coverage a manufacturer may need

  • Worker’s compensation, which covers medical costs if an employee sustains an illness or injury on the job.
  • Commercial vehicle, protecting vehicles owned by the business and used for business purposes.
  • Liability insurance that includes product liability, offering protection against damages incurred if a product you manufactured causes an injury to a consumer due to a defect, inadequate instruction or failure to warn.
  • Contract liability, covering manufacturers who enter into contracts for facility leasing and maintenance and protecting them from liability for incidents on their premises.
  • Medical expenses, covering costs associated with immediate attention for an injury sustained by a non-employee or non-associate on the manufacturer’s premises.
  • Personal and advertising, offering protection for non-physical damage allegations such as copyright or brand infringement.


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