Insurance For Fitness Centers

Fitness Center Insurance

If you own and operate a gym, sports facility or fitness center, you want to keep your business in as great of shape as the people who use it. An insurance policy specifically tailored for sports and fitness businesses can protect you from the financial consequences of many risks, ranging from liability to equipment breakdown.

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Protect the financial investments you’ve made in your gym or fitness center and the assets you’ve collected, including state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. While athletic training and sports participation can be risky due to the potential for accidental injury, an insurance policy tailored for your facility can protect you from financial loss if an emergency occurs. To find a provider and start customizing your plan, contact Edge Insurance today and get your quote.

A fitness insurance policy may include these coverages:

  • Commercial liability, protecting you from the cost of a lawsuit by a customer or client if they allege that you are at fault for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage incurred while using your facility. You can purchase a general policy, or you may choose to add extra coverages for risks specific to your facility and its provisions.
  • Professional liability, which covers financial costs incurred if a client accuses you of injury due to your failure to render professional fitness-related consulting services.
  • Advertising injury, protecting you from claims made due to misappropriation in your advertisements, such as copyright infringement.
  • Sexual misconduct, providing for your defense if allegations of abuse or molestation of a client or employee are made.
  • Medical payments, reimbursing medical expenses in the treatment of an injury that occurred on your facility or under your supervision. Fitness-specific policies differ from general liability policies in that they typically include coverage for athletic participants


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