Insurance For Auto Dealers

Auto Dealer Insurance

The assets owned and managed by an auto dealership are significant, no matter the size of the operation. A comprehensive auto dealer insurance plan insures the dealership owner along with the vehicles on the lot, protecting you against costs due to damages or liability.

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Don’t risk the financial consequences of an unforeseen event on your dealership property or in its owned vehicles. Consult with Edge Insurance to create the perfect insurance plan and get a quote for your auto dealership operation and trust that your assets will be protected against costly damages.

Auto dealer insurance policies may include these coverages

  • Dealer’s open lot, which covers physical damage to vehicles owned by your dealership due to collision, fire, extreme weather, vandalism or theft.
  • False pretense, covering the loss of a vehicle in the event of a scam such as theft by a person who requests a test drive with a false identity.
  • Errors and omissions, protecting you from liability associated with dealership operations including truthfulness of lending and leasing claims, federal odometer and prior damage disclosure and titles.
  • Auto liability, protecting you from a lawsuit due to an accident that occurs on dealership property or in a vehicle owned by the dealership.
  • Garage liability, which protects dealerships with garages providing body work, repairs or maintenance. This also provides coverage against damage to vehicles not owned by the dealership while stored in the garage.


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