Insurance for Agriculture Businesses

Insurance for Agriculture Businesses

Edge Insurance offers a wide range of agriculture insurance options for ag-based businesses such as farms, ranches and livestock businesses. Because the operations and insurance needs of each ag business can vary widely, these policies are highly customizable and can be crafted to cover risks specific to your industry.

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Many farm and ranch insurance providers also offer additional optional coverages to create a personalized plan for each farm or agribusiness. Depending on your operations, you may benefit from carrying more specific coverages, such as animal collision if you have livestock, chemical drift if your farm is in a potentially hazardous area or equipment breakdown if you have use machinery such as pasteurization equipment.

To get your customized agriculture insurance plan, contact Edge Insurance to find the insurance provider with the right coverage options for your farm business. We’ll help you connect with an expert and get a tailored quote for your needs.

An agriculture insurance policy may include these types of coverage

  • Buildings and Farm Structures, providing for damage or loss of non-dwelling structures such as barns.
  • Personal Property, covering damage or loss of machinery, equipment, tools and products.
  • Liability, covering bodily injury or property damage to others that occurs in the operation of your agricultural business.
  • Livestock, covering costs incurred due to declines in livestock prices or by-product prices, as well as rises in feed prices.
  • Crop yield, protecting your farm from losses in crop production or yield due to severe weather and natural causes.
  • Crop revenue, which guarantees you a minimum revenue yield per acre if industry commodity prices suddenly fall.


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