13 Most Expensive Cities for Auto Insurance

As auto insurance increasingly moves into the ranks of commoditization, Americans find themselves more or less satisfied with their automobile insurance. Still, the debate rages on over which factors—such as education, credit score or income level—can be used to calculate insurance rates.

A combination of these factors, as well as the quantity of uninsured motorists and local regulations, means that some Americans also pay more than their neighbors for car insurance.

A study from Bankrate’s Insurancequotes.com reveals the most expensive American cities in which to buy auto insurance, compared by an average $797 for annual coverage.

13. Dallas-Fort Worth—1% higher than national average
11. Boston (tie)—2% higher than national average
11. San Diego (tie)—2% higher than national average
10. Tampa—9% higher than national average
7. Houston (tie)—10% higher than national average
7. Philadelphia (tie)—10% higher than national average
7. San Francisco (tie)—10% higher than national average
6. Sacramento—16% higher than national average
5. Atlanta—17% higher than national average
4. Los Angeles—25% higher than national average
3. Miami—34% higher than national average
2. New York—36% higher than national average
1. Detroit—165% higher than national average

Already troubled Detroit skyrockets ahead of other major metropolitan areas in part because the state of Michigan requires drivers to carry “no fault” coverage, which means the policyholder is afforded coverage no matter who is at fault.

Detroit also has a large population of uninsured motorists, who drive up costs for everyone, Insurancequotes.com said.

Other factors affecting these ratings include the amount of traffic on the road, which is why analysts considered the 25 largest metro areas in the US when assigning rankings.

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